If you have a party in the offing, nothing is as irreplaceable as Westfield Seafood shrimp. On a platter with a bed of greens, we offer 1 1/2 to 5 pounds of our well loved large or jumbo shrimp accompanied with Kelchner’s cocktail sauce and lemon wedges. These can be prepared with just a bit of notice, a day is great, perhaps more for busy holidays, but if things are slow we can make one while you wait. For variety, crab cocktail fingers can be added to a shrimp platter.

We are happy (if perhaps not thrilled, no one actually enjoys the shucking) to open clams and oysters for your event. If it is a petite party, they can be arranged on a platter.

For hot appetizers,try our clams oreganata and mini crab cakes. These need just a couple of minutes of heating, under the broiler for the clams or baking for the bite sized crab cakes before serving. Our roasted red pepper mayonnaise is great to accompany the crab.

From our deli case, all of our salads find a place at parties, just let us know a couple of days ahead if you need a large quantity. On occasion someone will request miniature versions of our risotto balls as a bite sized snack. It can be done.