Fresh Fish

We generally offer about 20 species of fresh fish each day. Each is fresh, never previously frozen.

Some are available consistently. Flounder, lemon sole, codfish, swordfish, tuna, whiting, and beeliner snapper, all of which are wild, are in this group. Farmed atlantic salmon, king salmon, tilapia and branzini are also almost always in the store. We generally have wild halibut and catfish in the store, but occasionally we will have them farmed.

Other fish are a bit more variable in availability. This is the nature of fishing. You can always fish, but you don’t always catch. It may also be that while I can buy it, the quality is not always prime or the price I would have to charge seems excessive to me, and I do not include it among the day’s offerings. Among these fish we have are grey sole, monkfish, skate, king salmon, and bluefish, all of which are wild. We also often have farmed rainbow trout.

The next class of fish are seasonal. These are available at certain times of year. These include sockeye, coho, keta and steelhead salmons, shad and shad roe. These are wild fish which are available during their spawning seasons.

Finally, we have fish which are available rather unpredictably, but when we can offer them at a reasonable price, we do, and they are great, and you should not wait till next time. Throw out your menu and buy these. They are all wild, and they include grouper, black bass, black cod, chilean bass, orange roughy, mahi mahi and opah.