Prepared Foods

We offer a comprehensive array of items to complete the meals you will offer at home. These include soups, salads, stocks, prepared vegetables, entrees, sauces and marinades.


We have on a regular basis both Manhattan and New England clam chowders and an authentic, made from scratch, lobster bisque. Seasonally, or at the whim of the chef, we have a variety of specials, including pumpkin shrimp bisque, a roast pepper and scallop soup, she-crab soup, bouillabaisse, and on rare occasion, oyster stew.


In the store we make cole slaw, potato salad, cucumber salad, macaroni salad, fresh tuna salad (the tuna never saw a can, try it & you will be amazed at the difference), salmon salad, shrimp salad, lobster salad, calamari salad, beet salad and seafood salad (made with surimi, or artificial crabmeat…what can I say, people want it). There are also marinated mushrooms which are sort of a salad. We sell a seaweed salad, which is great, but which we do not make.


These items, available frozen, are tools for you to use in sauces or soups you make at home. These are made from scratch and you don’t have to do the work. We have fish stock, lobster stock, clam broth, and marinara sauce. There are also red and white clam sauces. These are ready to use as is, or you can add little neck clams or cockles, cook till they open, and serve over pasta.


If you are trying to cook a fast but tasty meal, fish is always fast and easy. The rest of the meal can take a lot of time and preparation, or, you can take tasty shortcuts by letting us do the work. Risotto balls, stuffed potatoes, zucchini pancakes, or our saffron rice just need a bit of time to reheat and taste quite good. Grilled portobello mushrooms can be eaten hot or cold. On occasion there will be a simple sauteed vegetable as well.


We have flounder with a crabmeat stuffing or a spinach stuffing available most of the time, and if we don’t, ask and we can usually make it happen. There are portions of atlantic salmon already marinated, ready for you to pop in the oven for 10 minutes. We have crabcakes premade, just brown in a pan to crisp and heat through, perhaps add a touch of our red pepper mayonnaise. On occasion you can find peppers stuffed with a wonderful selection of seafoods, or a seafood lasagne. Pilar has to be caught up on everything else or strongly encouraged for these things to happen though.


These are store made items that you don’t have to tell your guests you bought. Say you made these yourself, and turn the wonderful fresh fish you have just cooked into a gourmet meal (we won’t tell). Take our scampi butter, saute our shrimp it it, add some white wine and serve over pasta. The Herbes de Provence butter you can melt over any mild, and most full flavored fish (not salmon) to good effect. It is also great on beef, veal, vegetables or just bread. The Bearnaise mayonnaise is fabulous on grilled swordfish, and good on many other things. The roasted red pepper mayonnaise we make for our crabcakes, but it is good on other crab, and mild fish as well (probably good on many non seafood sandwiches too). Dijon dill sauce we make to serve on salmon, but it gets use on stone crabs also. Cucumber dill is our most popular sauce. It finds itself on grilled, broiled or poached salmon. My bride will not eat salmon without it.


We make a honey sesame marinade and a brown sugar mustard marinade. You will see these already applied to salmon portions in the fresh fish case, or available (cheaper) in a jar. We also have Japanese ginger and lemon rosemary marinades, both good on many fish, including salmon. Also there is a jalapeno lime marinade…great on shellfish, particularly grilled. It is strong on lime, the jalapeno isn’t as scary as you might thing. Kids won’t be disturbed.


These don’t fit under the other headings. We make clams oreganata. Cook under broiler till they start to brown and bubble. Croutons. These are not diet food. If your doctor said to eat more fish, this is not what he meant. In salad, or as a snack if you’ve taken your Lipitor, these taste good. Once in a blue moon, we have bruschetta. These are great, if you see them, do yourself a favor and take a few home, heat under broiler or just bake. Oh yes, then eat.